Inspiration: Sharon

Dave McQuitty was 15 years old when the Kansas City Star delivered to his parents rural home showed photos of a woman named Sharon Kinne. He was transfixed on her image and cognitively confused by her story.

She had been accused of murder and eventually became labeled a "serial killer", but to young McQuitty she looked like the girl next door. McQuitty later stated that he learned an important life lesson from the dilemma; "what one perceives and assumes is not always real."

When McQuitty started painting again he knew that he had to paint a piece from the emotional place of the Sharon Kinne story in his head. The painting started by McQuitty mixing an innocent looking robin egg soft blue color set against a rough textured and blemished background.

A couple days into the project Kansas City had a massive rainstorm, and McQuitty was startled from a deep sleep by the sounds of water dripping in his painting studio next to his bedroom. Worse there was a rust tint to the rainwater drip.

McQuitty suddenly grabbed the Sharon painting and started applying subtle areas of paint and working the painting under the rut tinted drip. The new element added just the right amount of tarnished to the goody, goody, blue to add an edge that the painting needed. McQuitty worked about an hour with the drip.