"Blue Bucket"

Typically I paint from different emotional moods, as thoughts and story lines casting upon my mind during a setting. The painting changes dramatically during the process. My painting methodology, and technique holds my interest, as a flurry of images spin through my mind when I embrace the canvas, each emotion and fleeting image transmute into different treatments as I subconcsciously respond to the moment. At times my licks startle me. I would never have or could have planned them. I'm on the edge taking enormous risk, there is no turning back. My breathing becomes rapid. There is certainly a rush. I feel I am under a spell.

There are other times that I just want to paint and intuition will send me off in a more focused direction. Still once started I become overwhelmed with emotion and just adding paint to the canvas is a thrilling moment and the entire mood of the canvas changes with each lick. The moment of excitement is usually catalystist to an explosion of quick spontaneous syncopated moves that in themselves cumulate into new and dramatic sparks of imagination and shifts in direction.

The "Blue Bucket" was painted in much this manner. The "Blue Bucket" was paintted in much this manner. I felt an urge to paint, and started off with the intent of creating a unique background uncluttered by geometrics and achieved through a simple wet on wet paint application. I finished the background and was very pleased with its quasi monochromatic appearance but turbulent mood. After letting the background dry, I felt I was close to being done.

Duing a break I had tossed a tube of new blue paint on the canvas and left theroom. When I came back the two colors created a visual chemistry. I looked on the floor and saw a one gallon paint bucket and immediately began to ponder how to integrate into the composition. My first ideas were boring and cliches. Then the idea hit me to use the bucket as an application tool.

After carefully adding diverse thicknesses of the blue paint to the of the bucket I meticulousy placed it on the background. I was immediately pleased with the results when I removed the bucket, and did some touchup. There was little room for error to capture the right balance and feel.