There were years when I tried to find a way to meet Dave McQuitty, but his gatekeepers wouldn't let me through. He was the man-to-know and I didnÕt know him. Then out of the blue, to my surprise and delight, he called me. Dave McQuitty, the entertainment-industry icon, became my friend that day.

In subsequent years, the friendship has only grown. I watched him rise above lifeÕs challenges to embrace the art he had loved as a younger man. As he has done in every avenue of his life, he again excelled. Whatever else becomes of his art, he has already succeeded. He has produced incredible work that speaks directly to the soul.

His creativity? Off the charts.
His passion? Unbelievable
His intelligence? Too much for his own good.
His friendship? Treasured

Guyla Armstrong
VP, Events Marketing, Inc., Springfield, MO
President, Wedding Extravaganza, Springfield, MO

February 20, 2008

"Art trends will ebb and flow. Auction prices will reach unimaginable heights. The next "hottest" work on the scene could be gone before tomorrow mornings paper hits the cement. I for one don't trust what I cannot feel. I don't allow trends to dictate my emotional attachment to a visual art. My sense of what feels honest and relevant cannot be swayed; it can only be enhanced and brought to new levels.

Dave McQuitty's work has done just that for me. In coming to know and understand the work of Dave McQuitty, I have learned things about my self and my own day to day struggle with the translation and presentation of my feelings and how I view the world. With a simple brush stroke, Dave McQuitty is letting his audience know that if they would just give him a minute, he will show them exactly what they need to know.He will show them beauty and depth of feeling. You have to absorb each piece. You must understand that beyond the color and mark there is an emotional sacrifice that could not have been easily given or done without hesitation. Dave's paintings are physical. They are violent when it is needed, and they are also subtle at times, yet retain the same intensity throughout.

His palette reflects the mood, obviously. However, if you search more closely, you will come to understand the genius behind his color decisions. Each hue saturates and separates. Each has a conversation with the canvas and the odd textures there in to create a symphony of movement and line that gives the piece a dimension that is not easily attained. I am thankful for the work of Dave McQuitty. I am thankful that I have gotten to experience first hand, an artist of such high quality and whose process for creation is so developed and with purpose. He has taught me to let go, and trust myself, because then and only then, is where true genius and beauty can appear."

Seth Smith

The Rice Gallery of Fine Art

"McQuitty's colorful and figurative work is laced with deep emotion, and insight. His paintings aren't static, but stories that you can look at for hours with great pleasure. McQuitty is a very poignant painter."

Peter McCoy

Central park gallery