Immediately following completion of the painting "Why" I started a new piece coming from the same emotional frustrations with the Iraq war. But during the painting process my thoughts shifted to the memory of a friend In the 60's that was killed In vietnam. He had been a vivacious spirit stimulated by adventure, seemingly always In a good mood, with a smile on his face taking on life In energized stride. I became sensitive to a flow of simulated sensations which I conjectered to possibly be his last smells, tastes, noises and visions experienced as a human on this transposing earth. It was during this flow of metaphorical fantacy that I began to rapidly paint. I kept thinking about a notion of his very special life being summerized In that moment of time and place on the battlefield by, crude letters and numbers stamped Into "dog tags." Thus the painting tags was born. Standing back looking at the finished painting It suddently dawned on me that It was Memorial Day 2004.