"The Shadow"

Carl Jung's theories on the sub-conscious have facinated me for sometime. Both as an artist and analsand in theorapy, i found his theories relevant, inspiring, and intrigueing; particularly his allegorical presentation of the subsconscious as "the shadow" of conscioness. My picturesque dramatization with this concept consisted of staging wherein a ying and yang polarity between the duality was charged by intermitten vinettes of archetype symbolisim (another area of jungian interest). I'm sure the liberties i took with interpriting jungs concepts are enough to make the most novice student of psychology cringe, but interpreting theory specifity was not as important to me for the process of painting as having a spring for imaginaton, and source of creative stimulation. With these stirring elements spiraling emotions i spontaneously painted a simple design with interplay of minor subthemes. I painted the shadow! The shadow sold to the private collection of a law firm at the first showing.